Easy media upload in WordPress

Easy media upload in WordPress

If you’ve ever been frustrated with uploading files to your WordPress site then keep reading, this post is for you.

So there are a bunch of ways around upload size limitations. You can create or edit your sites php.ini file on your host. (not recommended if you don’t know what your doing). Or you can install plugins that will make the change for you. However in both these scenarios I have found that they are not 100% reliable. But I have found a  two step process to uploading with ease.

To do this process, you need two plugins:

WP File Manager  and Add From Server

To get started, head on over to your Plugins Tab in the WordPress dashboard and select “Add New”

Easy media upload in Wordpress 1

Now Search for the plugins we need.

WP File Manager  & Add From Server

Install then active them both

Easy media upload in Wordpress 2
Easy media upload in Wordpress 3

You should now see both plugins in your dashboard sidebar, note that “Add from server” will be added to the Media tab dropdown.

Now to upload a file simply go to WP File Manager and navigate the folders to the upload folder you want to upload your file too. (these are the folders being held in your host server)

Easy media upload in Wordpress 4

You can just drag and drop you file here and watch the upload

Easy media upload in Wordpress 5

Once your file is uploaded you should see it within the selected folder

Easy media upload in Wordpress 6

Now you can navigate to “Add from Server”

Add from server dash image

Here you will see a simular layout of your sever files, navigate to the folder you uploaded your file too and select the file.

add from server
Easy media upload in Wordpress 7

Then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the screen and click on “import”

Easy media upload in Wordpress 8

Your file will now show up as the first file in your Media Libray

media library

And you are done, you can now select your file and insert into your WordPress content.

Note, you can upload mutiple files at once by simple drag and drop into File Manager and select multiple file to import in Add from Server.

Get started with WordPress:

Plugin downloads:

WP File Explorer

Add From Server